Best Google Services | 15 Services You Should Know?

How often do you use a Google service? Chances are, the answer is at least once aday. Google offers many benefits that most people don’t know about or take advantageof. This blog post will cover …

How often do you use a Google service? Chances are, the answer is at least once a
day. Google offers many benefits that most people don’t know about or take advantage
of. This blog post will cover 15 of the best Google services and what they can offer to
your business.

What is Google Services?

Google services are a range of products and platforms created by Google Inc. that,
among other things, provide Internet-based productivity tools (e.g., Gmail), as well as
social networking applications (e.g., YouTube).

The most famous service offered is Google Search, which allows users to search for
anything they want across an array of categories like images or videos on YouTube and
Internet news sites with broad content coverage from around the world in multiple
languages—including over 40 different types of web feeds.

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15 of the Best Google Services

This is the list of Best Google Services.

#1. Google AdWords

Google AdWords
Google AdWords

You can upload keywords to your ad groups and run PPC ads with a budget with this
service. It also allows for conversion tracking to know which ads are converting the most
leads or sales.

#2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics
Google Analytics

The website offers in-depth reports on how people interact with your site, from where
they come from to what content is popular on your page. You’re able to see detailed
analytics about traffic sources, engagement metrics, goal completions, e-commerce
stats, and more!

#3. Gmail


This email service lets users sync their emails across all devices, including desktop
computers and mobile devices like Android phones and iPhones. You’ll never have to
worry about losing an important message again because it’s stored on all of your
devices. Best of all, it offers an organizational system that makes sorting through emails
easy and efficient. You can also send email from a smartphone which is perfect for
those times you need to make or answer a call while sending out some professional
correspondence at the same time.

#4. Google Docs

Google Docs
Google Docs

This service allows users to create documents in real-time with others by either sharing
them as they’re being made or editing someone else’s document collaboratively. It has
many features, including collaboration tools, spell checking, revision history, and voice
recording, among other things!

#5. Google Play Music

Google Play Music

In addition to playing music purchased through its site, this app lets users upload their
collection to always have access even without an internet connection – perfect for those
long commutes and flights!

#6. Google Maps

Google Maps

This service allows users to find their current location, plan a route from one place to
another, get walking or driving directions (including public transit options), see traffic
information in real-time, and even save maps offline.

#7 Chrome Browser

The most popular internet browsing tool as of 2016, this program is available for PCs,
mobile devices, and even as a browser extension for other popular programs such as
Microsoft Office.

#8. Google Calendar

Google Calendar
Google Calendar

Best of all, it can be used not just by you but also by your friends or family members
with the ability to share events across different calendars.

#9. Gmail Labels

If there are emails that need to be filed away into separate categories, then this is where
they belong. For example, suppose you’re organizing an event and would like to send
people invitations from one label than receipts from another. In that case, as long as
both labels exist inside your Gmail account, these two types of email will never get
mixed up!

#10. Blogger


This blogging service is the easiest to use and offers you a free space of 50 MB with
Google’s Webmaster Tools account for storing your content on its servers for as long as
you like. You can also create various blogs or sub-blogs if needed, along with adding
more than one author at any given time! Best of all, it only takes minutes before
everything will be up and running for when visitors come around to see what new posts
have been written!

#11. Chromecast


It is a must-have for anyone wanting to stream video content from their computer or
mobile device onto the TV screen thanks to this handy dongle that plugs into any HDMI
cable slot and delivers high-quality HD streaming directly through Google Chrome web
browser an iOS/Android application. The best part? You don’t have to worry about
cluttering up your living room space because it fits neatly behind most TVs without
being seen!

#12. Google Drive

Google Drive

Easily access this service via its intuitive UI, which offers you 25 GB worth of storage
that comes completely free of charge. In addition, you can upload all your favorite
photos and even videos to this service and access them on any computer with a web
browser or mobile device at no additional cost!

#13. Google Apps

Google Apps
Google Apps

Ideal for small businesses who don’t need the bells and whistles of Microsoft Office 365/Excel.
Best part?
If you have an existing email address like Gmail, there is absolutely NO COST TO SET

#14. YouTube


Watch funny clips from television shows that aired last night or listen to live performances by today’s hottest artists: it doesn’t matter what time zone they’re in because thanks to YouTube TV, we are ALL able to stay connected seamlessly now more than ever before!

#15. Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Google Cloud Platform

Need more storage space or processing power on demand than you have available locally? If so, then GCP might be just what you need! Best part? You can extend services by adding resources while keeping costs predictable since pricing rests on usage instead of predefined plans like many other companies offer today.

Final Thought

This post is all about the Best Google Services. In this article, I have shared 15 of the Best Google Services and how they can be used.

If I miss something in this post that you think should be included, please feel free to
reach out and let me know.

Best Google Services | 15 Services You Should Know About?

Usefull 15 Best Google Services. Google AdWords,Google Analytics,Gmail, Google Docs, Google Play Music, Google Maps, Chrome Browser,Google Calendar,Blogger.

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